...a Note from the Founders of FC Florida to the Families of FC Florida

As many of you are likely already aware, there are many changes occurring at FC Florida…new programs, camps and clinics…even talk of mergers and combinations with other clubs.  As you consider the best options for your children in the coming year, it’s important that we, at FC Florida, do our best to prevent confusion and to communicate clearly the programs that we have developed to meet your family’s needs. Before going into too much detail, please know the following:

MANAGEMENT…FC Florida Foundation has chosen to end its five-year relationship with Kicks Soccer Program as a principal manager of its FC Florida Foundation programs.  While Kicks continues to operate as FC Florida, we have asked the Board of Kicks Soccer to work with us to develop a Branding and Logo strategy to help avoid confusion as FC Florida and Kicks Soccer manage through an amicable separation and, possibly, a future collaboration. This remains a discussion in progress.

PEOPLE…FC Florida continues to be represented by its Founders, its Original Coaches, and Nationally-competitive Showcase teams.

TEAMS…Our Top Boys Teams continue to play with the FC Florida Foundation, and its new FC Florida Preparatory Academy, for the coming season. Also know that certain of these teams have chosen to benefit from both the FC Florida Preparatory Academy (under US Club sanctioning), as well as the Kicks’ FC Florida program (under FYSA sanctioning).  A list of these teams, and coaches, can be found under the ‘Showcase Teams’ tab at http://www.fcflorida.comm

FIELDS…Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Paul Filipe, FC Florida will continue to use the beautifully maintained Filipe Estate Fields in Palm City as its principal home.  We are also pleased to announce the addition of three full-sized, lighted fields at Guy Davis Park in the city of Stuart. Also, for our Palm Beach County based programs, overseen by Adrian Paz, we feel comfortable that our current discussions with separate private and governmental contacts will provide attractive field locations in Palm Beach county. Please see the 'About: Fields' page at http://www.fcflorida.com for field information and Google Maps references.

LEAGUES… FC Florida Preparatory Academy is registered with US Club and has access to all relevant tournaments in Florida and the United States.  Our players will also register under an affiliate relationship with FYSA and will play under the name ‘FC Florida’.

  • Special Note regarding Girls Programs:  FC Florida Preparatory Academy is also open to Top Female Players and Teams. Please select ‘Girls Preparatory Academy’ under the ‘Showcase Teams’ tab at http://www.fcflorida.com for additional information.

It is important, first, to clarify who we are at FC Florida Foundation and, specifically, the difference between the people and the organizations that you have come to recognize during your time at FC Florida.

FC Florida Foundation, Inc. was formed in Palm City, Florida in 2011 as a premier youth soccer development organization, largely in response to the growing awareness of, and high demand for, the intense, professional training occurring at the Filipe Estate Fields under the direction of trainer / coaches Safet Huseinovic and Jelko Petrov.  FC Florida soon formed an alliance with FYSA-affiliated Kicks Soccer Program, Inc., which allowed FC Florida to efficiently access leagues and programs available through the Florida Youth Soccer Association, thereby extending the Filipe Estate training programs into statewide competition and beyond.

Over the course of their five-year partnership, the volunteers, employees and directors of FC Florida Foundation and the Kicks Soccer Program have been pleased to assist and witness the growth and development of so many young student athletes, on and off the pitch.  The commitment, continuity and success of FC Florida's original staff of trainers and coaches has been consistently evident as FC Florida teams are routinely among the very best in the state, even the nation.  This success has also been recognized by leading national governing bodies as FC Florida was recently awarded the right to launch a U.S. Development Academy under the authority of U.S. Soccer.

In April 2016, after five rewarding years, the FC Florida Foundation has chosen to end its relationship with Kicks Soccer Program as the principal manager of FC Florida youth soccer programs.  For purposes of clarification…Kicks Soccer Program, Inc. will continue to manage and promote competitive and recreational programs for young men and young women. We believe the Kicks will continue to be led by its Director of Coaching, Mr. Tom Power, though it will operate under new direction as the remaining FC Florida representatives have recently resigned from the Kicks Soccer Program, Inc. Board of Directors.

Why the Separation?...While the new program additions, camps and collaborations represent intriguing potential, the original founders of FC Florida believe that a renewed commitment to the individual preparatory needs of young adults should take precedence over program expansion.  When it comes to the life of a child, and the unique opportunity to build programs for the development of that child, FC Florida believes that 'Smaller is Better' and that one-on-one mentoring relationships should be the standard, not the exception.

The FC Florida Foundation has now created the FC Florida Preparatory Academy as a vehicle to educate college-bound student athletes on the diverse opportunities represented by a broad spectrum of colleges and universities.  The FC Florida Preparatory Academy also offers specific counseling to its student athletes, striving to find the optimum alignment between the uniqueness of the individual, the academic and athletic standards of their preferred colleges, and the specific needs of the associated soccer programs.  Please continue to check-in with our website as we continue to post the biographies of our professional staff and college placement consultants. We know of no nationally competitive soccer club in the country that invests as much of its budget into paid college placement consultants as is invested in on-the-field training. In short, FC Florida will serve as an advocate for young adults as they seek to leverage their abilities 'on the pitch' to create opportunities in the classroom and for Life.