FC Florida Preparatory Academy is entirely focused on helping to advance student athletes into college and into professional opportunities.  For many years, we have all become accustomed to a school year approach that drives both age classifications and tryout schedules...when the school year ends, it would follow that our soccer year would end and tryouts would follow in June.  We are sure there are many reasons for this schedule, but we have learned very quickly at FC Florida Preparatory that the month of February represents an extreme transition in the minds of College Coaches, from Seniors to Juniors, and it is their calendar that should be the primary of our calendar as a Club.

As many of you have already noticed, our Seniors have either signed college commitments or are making their final decisions and their interests will start to change dramatically over the coming weeks. Our 1998 team is one of the very best teams in the country and they plan to finish out their FC Florida careers in style, but it's time for us to bring in the next class, the 2002s, and to also fill out the older teams to adjust to our anticipated graduations.

So, as you have already noticed, we do things a little differently at FC Florida Preparatory Academy.  We are doing our best to align our program with our primary goal of getting kids into college... and Yes, we obviously have some young men that are positioned to play in the Pros.  We expect to have tryouts two times each year...

...late February, to adjust to for changes in the interests of our graduating Seniors and our upcoming classes, and

...late May, to allow opportunities for athletes transitioning from other Academies and Clubs


* Please inform us, as you show up for tryouts, if you are currently playing with another Club. It is important that you fulfill your commitments to your existing Clubs and that we do our best to maintain good relationships with all of the coaches who have helped to mentor you along your journey in soccer. As we are a member of US Club Soccer, we are especially careful not to disrupt schedules in NPL as the season is still underway.  Our program is here for you, when you are ready, so please come join us for our tryouts and help us to understand exactly where you are with your current commitments.

UPDATE  Auditions scheduled for Friday June 16-17, 2017 Postponed UPDATE
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2002 Try-outs Closed / Limited 1999, 2000 and 2001 Spots Available