FC Florida Preparatory Academy's program is evolving for 2017/18.

We Learned a great deal from our incredibly successful older teams during the 2016/17 year. With a 1998 Boys team that spent the whole year in the national Top 20, and a 1999 Boys team that finished the Spring as the Nations #1 ranked team, we have certainly learned a lot about what it takes to 'get to the top' and what we need to do to stay there.

Our new Boca Raton program, introduced in partnership with the incredible training resources of Schulz Academy, provides access to the Nationally recognized FC Florida Prep program for all student-athletes across South Florida.  Let's face it, as good as we have been while centered at Filipe Estate Fields in Palm City, we cannot deny the incredible contribution our leading teams have enjoyed from all over South Florida. Now it's time to return the favor, with an eye toward the future, and make it more convenient for the talent of South Florida to benefit from the National Touring program of FC Florida Prep Academy.

​Does our program really work?  Yes...Just ask any of graduating Seniors.  Every student athlete that adopted the requirements of our College Placement program was able to obtain material scholarship support (from 60% to 100%) to attend college...and play soccer in college.  Just as impressive, several of our rising Seniors for 2017/18 have already secured written offers of similar financial significance to attend the colleges of their choosing, a full month before they even start their Senior years. These young men have worked for it, they deserve it...and it shows that our program is working.

So, if you are ready for something much more than a youth soccer club, sign of below to become a part of Florida's only Nationally ranked Soccer Club that puts Winning first...Winning Scholarships. 

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Teams to have Boca-Jupiter-Palm City Options for All-South Florida Rosters
Accepting Applications from the Very Best across Florida for Nationally Ranked Teams