Evensky Berleus Northeastern University

NCAA - Div I

  TRY-OUTs for 1999, 2000 and 2001 Age Groups by Appointment Only

[CLICK for INFO]                2001 and 2002 Try-outs Closed / Limited 2003 Spots Available            [CLICK for INFO]

2017 College Commitments

Clark Mortell

Furman University

NCAA - Div I

Deian Petrov

Seton Hall

NCAA - Div I

FC Florida Foundation and the FC Florida Preparatory Academy

Established by the Founders of FC Florida, and built specifically for FC Florida's nationally touring Showcase teams, the FC Florida Preparatory Academy provides an unprecedented level of preparatory resources and counseling to its student athletes, including individualized academic mentoring, college placement advocacy, professional team representation and, of course, proven skills training and player development.  In 2016 and beyond, FC Florida will focus on age years 2002 and older and will initially be comprised of its top performing Boys teams, training at both

the Filipe Estate in Palm City and in northern Palm Beach County.

Mason Comer

Fairleigh Dickinson Univ

NCAA - Div I

New Toll-free Telephone Number

+1 (844) FCF-SCCR   /   +1 (844) 323-7227

Call Toll-free to reach any Club Official or Coach

Our new automated telephone system will allow you to track down any club official or coach, whether during normal hours, or during the critical off-hours when trying to get information about games or practice.​