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“My time at FC Florida was one in which I truly joined a family of players and coaches that enabled me to excel as a youth player. The pathway provided by the club allowed me to showcase my talents to colleges and universities around the country, which was an essential part to me fulfilling my dream of becoming a professional footballer.”

“Representing FC Florida as a youth player were experiences and moments I will never forget both on and off the pitch. The club managed to create an environment where players were free to express their talents and enhance their game. I’ve traveled to many countries playing professionally since my development years, but FC Florida will always have a special place in my heart no matter where I go.”


"Having spent the most important years of my youth development at FC Florida, I feel fortunate to be where I am today. The coaching was superior to other clubs and the focus was on more than just playing, it was about the person as a whole too. I think that is what helped separate me from other players when I wanted to become a professional."

Niko Hämäläinen

Queens Park Rangers

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