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FC Florida was established in 2008 with the idea of being a sociocultural soccer community that provided not only professional coaching but exponentially providing a college and professional pathway for boys and girls in the northern Palm Beach County and southern Martin County geographical areas. Being a membership-based youth club, field usage was limited to local county facilities which ultimately led to our expansion of privately held facilities. We believe that providing both athletic and academic guidance to every member of the club makes the biggest difference in what these young players become. We look to develop the person more than we do the player. 

Over a 10-year period, FC Florida has placed over 165 boys and girls into colleges across the country, ranging from the prominent Ivy League Universities to the top Division III Colleges in the country. FC Florida has also aided in the development of over a dozen professional players and a dozen players that have represented their respective National Teams at the Youth and Senior levels.


FC Florida has transformed into the FC Florida Preparatory Academy that now has a global outreach to youth players looking to achieve academic and athletic success. Through our education partner and Nationally recognized private school, The Pine School, FC Florida Preparatory Academy provides a residential program for student-athletes to prepare for their pathway into both the collegiate and professional games.

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